3rd Level Gnome Bard


3rd Level Gnome Bard. Weapons: Masterk Rapier, Masterwork Light Crossbow, Dagger, Alchemist’s Fire (tons of it), Acid (not quite as much). Instrument: Shaum (Oboe). Armor: Masterwork Studded Leather. Feats: Grenadier, Weapon Finesse.


Dougal has been a member of the Lightbringers for quite some time, as was his father. His main employment is as a schoolteacher for children of Waterdeep whose parents cannot afford private tutors. His favorite subjects to teach are Epics and History, as well as giving basic training in music. He is currently taking time away from teaching in order to pursue his personal interest of gathering material to write a new Epic, and to also enjoy recording as many diferent and varied drinking songs as he can on his journey.

He is very loyal to the Lightbringers and feels he has quite a bit to prove. This comes from his father’s legacy with the Lightbringers, and also his tendency to be overlooked. It would be very difficult to find a more loyal friend than Dougal, but if ever he feels like his he or something he cares about has been betrayed or is threatened (friends, family, the legacy and reputation of the Lightbringers) he can become a fearsome individual, despite his small stature.

When completing tasks Dougal has always had to excercise a certain amount of lateral thinking, being that he is a gnome living in a big-people dominated city and world. This has made him very resourceful.

Age: 61

Weight: 40 pounds

Hair: Brown

Skin: Light Grey/Light Brown

Eyes: Cobalt Blue

Deity: Tymora

Alignment: CN


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