The Lightbringers

Organization of Undead Hunters


The Lightbringers are a guild of undead hunters. Central office is located in Waterdeep in the Temple District and headed up by one Merquo Lightbringer, who’s elven family founded the organization. Generally, membership is open to any who would actively hunt undead, but leadership is made up of those who make it their obsession to stamp out all un-life.

The founding of The Lightbringers was as bloody and sorrowful as the work the members commit themselves to. An elven child of only fourteen years of age named Auro was abducted by a group of ghouls who consumed her. Auro’s brothers and other family members tracked down the ghouls and slayed them, and then and there swore vengeance on all undead. The family name of the brothers was changed to “Lightbringer” and the family converted over to religions, mainly Lathanderism, that were directly opposed to the undead. Soon, others whose lives were changed by the undead joined the brothers until groups were split for the sake of size and management and moved to different cities. There are known guilds in the cities of Silverymoon of the Silvermarches, Suzail of Cormyr, and Baldur’s Gate,

Merquo Lightbringer, as previously mentioned, heads the guild in Waterdeep and is the last living of the elven brothers who founded the guild.

The Lightbringers

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