Oxford Bonebreaker

The Mute, Misshapened Bartender of the Broken Blade


When asked about his past, Ox looks at you and then says “Nghuhhhh nuh nuh num, pah nuh kah nuh…”.

His friend and fellow bartender Steeder translates “Ox here has had his tongue pulled out for insulting a nobleman’s wife. In vengeance, he tried to set off some kind of explosion using alchemist’s fire and a mix of acids, but that only led to his current state of being. Since then, he has reformed his life, joined a Ilmater monestary that made wine and found that he loved the drink so much that he wanted to bartend for the rest of his life. After the old bartender here at the Blade died (oddly of natural causes)” says Steeder in a whisper as he glances throughout the room at the ruffians that populate the blade, “Ox took over and now is my partner in this fine establishment. So…what do you want to drink?”

Oxford Bonebreaker

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