A famous (or infamous) bard in Waterdeep, draws large devoted crowds...however, his music also upsets some in government.


Serapho would sell out crowds in the Dock Ward bar known as “The Broken Blade”. Soon he would move on from the inn to play in more and more places in the Docks, becoming famous for ballads such as “Death Does not Stop Love”, “Fallen Beauty of Sune”, and “Lich who is Lover”. He is also known for the comical, jovial tunes of “Gnome Kicking Day”.

After such success from the tunes, he took on the Waterdavian government with tunes protesting the extra taxes on imports (thus costing dock worker jobs) with the song “Birt the Bloodybender” (taken from the name of the supposed Mask of Waterdeep “Murt the Moneylender) which has the line “the fat Birt grows fatter with blood squeezed from the stones of the fodder”. The taxes were removed and Serapho is still hailed as a hero by most of the citizens living in the Dock Ward.


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